Thursday, July 14, 2011

Genuine Sheepskin Rug - The Sheepskin Rug That Stumped the Vacuum Salesman

Thursday night we usually take the kids to the skating ring for family night. A few weeks ago I mistakenly booked the appointment with vacuum sales person for a weekend trip to the beach I know, I know, these trips are not saying what they gonna be? And this was no exception.

The sales person on the phone just will not take no for an answer. I even told him I was not going to buy a vacuum cleaner from him, even if he came to the rally. He suggested the trip, so I invited him to come on Thursday was the right time with the hands together in a vacuum attachments. He wanted to know if he can set up the living room area. I told him that was good, but remember I'm not going to buy a vacuum cleaner from him.

It just happened that a Quad sheepskin rug in living room, and he just happened to choose those who do. I think I will get a good cleaning at least in my sheepskin rug. He poured some dirt on the carpet and showed me how to vacuum clean it up. I was unimpressed because my shop - vac can do. He showed me how his vacuum can suck up liquid spills, my shop vac can do that too. So far, he is batting with two strikes in one go. I guess he does not understand, but he, nevertheless, was done before he started out.

He gets a big grin on his face and says he is going to show me something that is going to blow my mind and cause me to change my mind about buying a vacuum cleaner. He gets a huge Super bright light shining out of its case and set it up in my sheepskin rug, he is more than my house, and vacuum cleaner vacuums the sheepskin rug in a few minutes and then asked me if I thought that was a rug. clean. I told him that yes, I thought, carpet was clean.

Super bright light in the vacuum and then it shows me nothing at all floating in the air, he took his hand and battered on the carpet again and again to try to get some dust stirred pm He just shook his head and said, that should be floating dust in the air and bright light shows dust particles really good. Well there was a third strike), I explained to him that he was a sheepskin rug and sheepskin fleece rug has natural oils that trap stuff like dust. I also showed him how I brushed the carpet instead of using the vacuum. He is absolutely surprised. He said that the first manifestation of this was done, he can not get the dust out of the carpet or rug.

I guess he is not thinking of moving to another part of the setup room, where he was a regular carpet. I imagine that he was surprised by what he saw that he did not think about it. He asked me where I had a rug that. I told him I ran a parchment business and sell them myself. I ended up selling her rug, and he wanted to get a sheepskin seat covers for his car. Talk about turning around to sell to someone.

So, not only in my free trip, but showed surprising that the benefits of sheepskin others. OH, and by the way the visit was not good. We got a room, a place that the building and we were neighbors, they fought all night. Go to the top of this we had a 90 minute tour of the property and I still forgot to get my free Toaster.

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