Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Reduce DHT Using Natural Remedies

Hair loss or thinning hair is something almost inevitable for most men. Therefore, at some point in their lives they will look for hair loss treatments and cures. But with so many products that you choose, you should go with drugs or natural remedies. And what about all those fake products and false claims, who do you believe? And where do you start?

It is a known fact that the fastest way to re-grow from its start to know how to reduce DHT. This hormone (a byproduct of testosterone) is responsible, in both men and women, thinning hair or hair loss.

Maybe you encountered the drug regulations to deal with baldness as finasteride and Minoxidill. Although these drugs will stop DHT, the problem is that they also focus on the root enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone into the hormone 'kill her', but for your body to function properly it needs DHT. Unless you do not mind ending up with different health problems, the use of these drugs is not the solution. So what is ...

Natural Cures are the best hair loss solution

There are a number of herbal supplements that are proven to work very well. These are as follows:

* Saw Palmetto
* He Shou Wu
* Nettle Root
* Pygeum
* Green tea

The ingredients in green tea capsules can play an important role in inhibiting the formation of 5 alpha-reductase. Although these herbs are very effective, there is another way you can start reducing DHT and it is the cheapest discount on all.

When I say cheap, I mean nothing, ok well it takes some time and energy. One of the fastest and most reliable ways of fighting this hormone is known by making sure your body can produce stabilizing steroid metabolizing enzymes. Kids have tons of these works in their body, thereby removing the excess testosterone. Once a child losing their hair?

The method I'm talking about is actively involved in sports, physically very active. Any form of cardio work out such as hiking, biking, swimming etc. is great. This is one of those areas that are not overlooked much talked about websites on hair loss.

Did you know that body's ability to act as his own endocrine system? This leads to the body produce hormones that can cause hair loss. The less body fat you have, the better your chances to stop DHT production and re-grow your hair.