Friday, June 19, 2009

What and Where to Look for Motorcycle Salvage Yards

To get a high end bike at a reasonable low end cost it is best to buy salvage motorcycle. But where would you find salvage motorcycle? There are many places wherein you can buy salvage motorcycle. You can find in auction sites or your local newspaper. But the best place to look for it is in the motorcycle salvage yards. Some prefer to look for it on auction sites. In case of auction the vendor presents the products on a public platform. Cost of the products are determined by the offers or bids of buyers interested in buying them based on their estimation of need and of value of the products.

Dealers are not obliged by law to give used car buyers a three-day right to cancel. It is best to ask about the dealer's return policy, be sure to put it in writing and read it carefully, before purchasing it from a dealer. The dealer of these motorcycle parts offers a 21% reduction on their insurance.

Many people prefer to hit the open road with motorcycle instead of a car. It is easy to breeze through traffic and park it anywhere making it very convenient to have around. Like any other equipment motorcycle requires regular maintenance. It means that changing oil and replacing a few parts will deteriorate due to wear and tear, which may cost you a lot. It's your choice you can go to the dealer and spend a lot to have the bike serviced or save a few dollars by checking the motorcycle salvage yard.

A motorcycle salvage yard is a place where you will likely find some used parts that replaces the old ones in your bike. Other motorcyclists refer to it as the bone yard. This is the next best thing to go aside from the dealer to have some work done. If you want to lookfor motorcycle salvage yards you can start browsing the directory or ask some people who may have an idea where to find such place in the neighbourhood.

Once you have found one it is best to ask the assistance of the personnel to help you look for the part needed to make your motorcycle look good as new. Just a piece of advice there are some who take advantage and sometimes recommend the wrong part. Be very careful on who you are dealing with. It is hard to identify which is the one who is telling the truth and who is lying. It is best to study the parts you need very well so that you will not have bigger problems in the future. It will help you a lot if you are a member of a motorcycle club. The club will refer to you legitimate dealers of used motorcycle parts therefore you will be able to purchase parts with quality and excellent service at a lower price.

If you ever found the perfect salvage motorcycle yards you can always come back in the future if you need another part again.


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Women Still Lag Behind Men in Equal Pay Battle 46 Years after Federal Law Signed

(MURFREESBORO) –When the federal Equal Pay Act was signed into law in 1963, a woman in the United States earned only 59 cents for each dollar a man earned. Today, according to 2007 statistics from the National Committee on Pay Equity, a U.S. woman earns only 78 cents for each dollar a man earns.
To draw attention to this imbalance, the June Anderson Women’s Center, the Women’s Studies Program, the President’s Commission on the Status of Women and the Murfreesboro chapter of the American Association of University Women are co-sponsoring Pay Equity Day on Tuesday, April 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Keathley University Center knoll.
Volunteers will distribute literature explaining the disparity and offering suggestions for action. Supporters are encouraged to wear red to dramatize women’s ongoing struggle of being “in the red.”
In addition, Dr. Jackie Gilbert, professor of management and marketing, will speak on the topic “Equal Pay, the Individual and the Institution” at 2 p.m. in Room 100 of the James Union Building (the Faculty Senate room). This presentation is free and open to the public.
“Especially during tough economic times, its’ important to continue to promote this agenda,” says Terri Johnson, director of the Women’s Center. “People forget about inequality, and those who are behind fall even farther behind.”
For more information, contact the Women’s Center at 615-898-2913 or

What You Should Know about Tennessee Life Insurance

Most insurance policies are designed to protect you and your property from damage, injury or loss. The goal of Tennessee life insurance, in contrast, is to protect your dependents from financial and monetary loss, and to provide for their welfare when you die.

Before you run out and buy your Tennessee life insurance policy—research, research, research! The more you read and understand, the more likely you are to get the coverage you need.

It is important to compare deductibles and other policy specifics, and ask questions to clarify anything you do not understand. Many Tennessee life insurance policies appear to offer identical coverage; however, when you read the fine print, you may find significant differences.

What Are Your Choices?

There are many different types of Tennessee life insurance available, each designed to fit unique circumstances and individual needs. However, you can purchase two prevailing types of life insurance coverage in Tennessee.

Term life is the simplest form, and provides you financial protection for a temporary period of time. This type of policy may or may not be renewable. Tennessee term life policies are the best type to buy if you need large amounts of coverage for specific periods of time.

Initial premiums for this type of Tennessee life insurance are usually much less than for permanent life insurance—but they may increase each year for a specified period of time. Most term life policies do not accrue cash value.

This kind of policy provides good coverage for young Tennessee families raising children or paying off mortgages. They are, however, short-term solutions and do not build equity.

Monthly costs are low, so if you have limited resources, term life insurance is a good way to get the Tennessee life insurance protection you need.

Permanent life insurance provides you with long-term financial protection. This includes both a death benefit and, in some cases, cash savings. Permanent life insurance builds equity over time, but your Tennessee life insurance premiums are higher with this type of coverage than with term insurance.

The biggest advantage of this type of Tennessee life insurance is that rates usually remain steady once you purchase the policy, so you never have to worry about increasing premiums.

If you are attempting to meet long-range financial goals, you would do well with this kind of insurance.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do I Need to Provide My Social Security Number to Get an Auto Insurance Quote?

Many who have looked for auto insurance in the past may have noticed something odd; some companies ask you for a very important number, important to everyone - your Social Security Number. Those who are familiar with the term know that this number can be used for identity theft, and any auto insurance company asking you for this may indeed be a scam. With so much fraud going on in today's world, most people would prefer receiving auto insurance quotes without submitting their SSN.

When looking at certain websites, be sure the site is not asking you for your SSN at any stage - and if they do, leave the website, and visit another. Some people are hesitant about simply giving their address, or phone number - but SSN? That is just pushing it. No one likes to give out their Social Security Number unless absolutely necessary.

How do companies provide me a quote without all that personal information? Simple - car insurance has nothing to do with your phone number, or SSN, and so on. Car insurance has to do with other factors such as the age of the driver, the sex of the driver, the car that is going to be insured, etc.. Most auto insurance quote websites start by requiring a simple Zip Submit. This is to be able to give quotes based on the state /city average, and also to find local companies. From that point on, a detailed set of questions will begin. Many people grow impatient because there are so many questions, but do not be one of those people. Every single website you visit will take you through a detailed questionnaire. And best of all, it is much faster doing it online than calling each insurance company and talking on the phone, or even in person.

So to put things in short, no, your SSN is not required in order to receive an auto insurance quote. If you visit a site that is asking for such information, do not provide it - there is a high chance you will be a victim of fraud. Think of it realistically - how would having your SSN help in giving you an auto insurance quote? Not at all, so think realistically, and do not give it out.

At Auto Insure USA, we can provide you with local car insurance companies. From there, you can go on to receive quotes from whichever company you'd like! Get on Auto Insure USA and start saving money.

How To Choose Best Car Insurance From Internet

Finding the best car insurance is not easy at all. But here are a few simple tips that can help you out and put you on the right path. 1. Put teenager children on the same insurance policy.

2. The cost of your insurance depends on the cost of your car. If your car is a cheap local model then it's a good idea to buy only third party, fire and theft insurance.

3. The more drivers you have the more you have to pay on your car insurance policy.

4. Check the mileage of your car. If you are using the car only for small distances, then you are eligible for a substantial discount on your premiums.

5. Actively think about taking temporary insurance for drivers who use your car infrequently.

6. Apply for third party cover for those drivers who use your car infrequently and are younger in age like teenage drivers.

7. Start accumulating a no-claims bonus as soon as possible and show it to your insurance company to ensure that you get a discount.

8. Try for safety devices like automatic seat belts, airbags, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brake devices that offer a comprehensive discount with almost all car insurance companies.

9. If you have more than one insurance policy with a single company, then you are liable for loyal or good customer discounts with the parent company.

10. Good occupations like an engineer; doctors etc all get a great discount from insurance companies as they are considered high responsibility professions.

11. If your employer has already signed you up for a group company policy with the company, you can sign up for a car insurance policy with the same company for a good discount.

12. Choose an insurance company with which you already have a policy. Getting a policy with them will just decrease the amount of premium you have.

13. Take on additional driver's education classes or a driver improvement course.

14. Another good way to find the best insurance policy for yourself is to log on to internet where you can get five free best car insurance quotes in a fraction of the time.